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Weekly Update

July 27 2020

As a part of the ongoing consultation process with clergy in the Mississippi Conference it is time to once again schedule the fall sessions of the work. Before we can actually create a schedule, I need to know what your thoughts are as we approach the 2021 appointment process. As always you are welcome to call the office and schedule a conversation with me anytime that you desire to do so. I talk to most all of you on a regular basis throughout the year, so it may not seem necessary for some to even schedule an appointment in the fall. However, I do plan to meet with each of you during this portion of the process.  
In order to set the fall sessions, I request that you call Cheryl to set an in-person appointment if you:
·       You plan to retire at the 2021 Annual Conference
·       You intend to seek a change in appointments beginning July 1, 2021
·       You think your church may seek a change in appointments beginning July 1, 2021
·       You want to meet in-person for any other reason
If any of the above apply to you please call Cheryl by September 1, 2020. I am aware that this is early and that things sometimes change so if your situation changes you can call us anytime to change your request.
Based on what we know today I plan to conduct most of the fall consultations by Zoom. If you think you will need more than 30 minutes for a Zoom session please let Cheryl know by September 1.  More information of what I will ask you to have ready to discuss will be provided later.
As always, thank you for the great work that you are doing in this very difficult season of ministry.
Your servant in Christ,