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Weekly Update

July 20 2020

1.  Please take note of the important information at the end of this email concerning clergy ZOOM calls!  There is also an attachment to this email with the info...

2.  Maples Golf Tournament is scheduled for August 1, call the church office for more information...

3.  Clergy, please check with your lay member to annual conference to be sure they are ready (and have no questions) for annual conference, coming up this Sunday(laity session) and Monday morning!

4.  We have made the decision to go back to the 'split schedule' we practiced earlier this of us will be at the office each day (Monday through Thursday) and the other will be working from can ALWAYS reach me by cell (662.292.2459) with any need you may have...….always a good idea to call before you make a trip to Senatobia!

5.  Check next Mondays update for information concerning fall clergy consultations......


We will resume the clergy zoom conferences in August. Due to the numerous conflicts on the calendar we will only meet once in August. We will meet on Tuesday, August 11th in our new groups for the first time. I hope to have more accurate information on Charge Conferences that I can share with you at that time.
August we will plan to meet on Tuesday, August 11th.
September we will plan to meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday.
October we will plan to meet on the 1st and 4th Thursday.
November we will plan to meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday.
December we will plan to meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday.
We will re-access the whole situation for 2021 in December. Everything above is subject to change.
Thanks to everyone who replied to the request to give us your preferred time. I think we have been able to accommodate the request of everyone. But anytime your schedule requires a change, please let us know. While we want you to be present for these meetings, we also do not want them to be a burden for you.
We are always open to suggestions for improvement.
You will receive the link for your meeting each week prior to the meeting by email.

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