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Weekly Devotional

January 12 2020

January 12, 2020


Read Acts 10:34-43


Peter said, “All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins though his name.”




     At seventy years of age I find myself spending more of my time looking back at what I have done than looking forward to what God is doing next.  

     I do not remember my baptism no matter how hard I try.  I am a life long Methodist baptized by my parents as an infant.   I believe the act of my parents on my behalf  was one expressing God’s love for all creation.  They believed there was no one God would not redeem.  They new of God’s grace as an unmerited gift offered to every one who would not reject it.

     I, as a child, struggled to make sense of the teachings of Christ.  I was one of those kids who refused to be confirmed with my confirmation class because I did not understand what I was confirming.  “Take heart,” the next year I went through confirmation and was able to confirm my belief in Jesus Christ.  I remember standing before my local congregation expressing my love for Jesus Christ.

     In our reading from Acts Peter is asked by Cornelius to express what God has told him to speak.  Peter stands before those gathered telling them of the actions of Jesus in Israel: his teaching, preaching, and healing acts.  Peter declares he is a witness to all that Jesus did.  Peter continues to tell of the death and resurrection of Jesus and of God’s actions in the life of Jesus.

     Peter ends his speech saying God has appointed Jesus as the Christ.  Cornelius, his household and guest were listening to Peter as they received the Holy Spirit.  This resulted in those assembled being baptized by Peter.
     Cornelius’ baptism seems different from mine.  I am sure it was a life experience he never forgot or tired of sharing.   I hope for you who are baptized that you will relive your experience with Christ remembering we are commanded to be witnesses to our faith.  

     Whether your baptism is similar to mine or more like the one Cornelius experienced; I hope you will witness to those around you.  Sharing the love of Jesus for the world is life altering.



Prayer: Loving God we give thanks for your gift of your son for the salvation of the world.  Remind us today that we are part of your world and share in your gift.  Empower us to go as your witnesses telling others of your love for them.   Amen.