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Weekly Devotion

June 06 2021

Darkness Just Before The Dawn.

"Matthew 5:14 'Ye are the light of the world of the world.' What the luminaries, the sun and moon, are in the heavens, with respect to corporal light, that the apostles were in the world with regard to spiritual light; carrying and spreading the light of the Gospel not only in Judea, but all over the world, which was in great darkness of ignorance and error"

     Sleep issues sometimes have me up at all hours. Over the years I've learned to manage that awake time in various ways. It's not unusual for me to be baking a cake or cookies at two in the morning. I gift them to friends and they turn out to be blessings. I also use this time to read and study the word, or pull out that long list of prayer requests. The time brings me closer to the Lord, renews the peace and joy that only He can provide, and it turns into a blessing for me and those that I'm praying for. It's also time for porch sitting, watching the darkness fade and a new days light as it peeps over the Eastern horizon. There's much that goes on in that still quiet time, neighbors lights begin to come on, dogs barking, song birds singing, joggers and walkers are out in the street. The sounds of traffic on the nearby highway picks up and then the light appears and dispels the darkness. A new day has dawned. Yes, I'll be sleepy but my time spent star gazing, day dreaming, and watching the sunrise soothes my weary soul and sleep will return soon enough. Matthew 5:14 reminds me I'm a spiritual light and I'm to spread the light of Christ in a dark world. I'm reminded over and over again, in the darkest hours the light is just a few hours away...