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Weekly Devotion

May 23 2021


SCRIPTURE: Read Isaiah 43: 18-26
Help me remember the past. Let’s debate. Bring me your version to prove your innocence.
Isaiah 43:26 (TPT)

How well I remember my case for my innocence as a young child. My cousin Liney (Lana) and
I had walked down to the pond dam and no one knew where we were. We played, pretended,
dug in that beautifully remembered red Mississippi dirt and just had such a marvelous time. We
finally sashayed back up to the house to discover Mama with a peach tree switch in hand and my
little peaceful world in an uproar. Immediately, I began praying under my breath. I knew she
was worried sick and at her wit’s end, as we’d say in the south. Whew, I escaped! Salvaged,
again! Actually, I did tell Mama we were leaving, but it was on the run, as I half-heartedly
yelled to her in the back bed room. My case was not firm. She was not given my undivided
attention. Communication was unsuccessful. In spite of me though, she showed mercy as my
short little prayer in secret was traveling to God. Her unexplainable expression of love was my
unction NEVER to hurt her again. O that my love and expression in Christian action could be so
strong and speak so loudly. May we so sense and see His desperate love for us that we are
prompted to stop, speak, and surrender to His best and trustworthy responses.

Lord thank You for Your grace. Help us not to be in such a hurry that we risk not having
a successful launch and landing.

Thought for the Day: Take time to honor God by honoring others

Cynthia Todd – Senatobia MS