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Weekly Devotion

May 09 2021

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me.  Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows.  But take heart, because I have overcome the world. - John 16:33

I, like most, have had many trials in my life.  The most poignant in my life was when my son went to prison.
I always knew my son, my only child, in his early 20’s was living on the edge.  But never did I think he was dealing drugs until I got the call no parent wants.  He was in jail.  He sold 3 pills on the campus of a university.  He and 142 others were arrested that night at a rock concert.  We were told by our attorney that he and 36 others would be ”made an example of”.  I had always been able to fix things in his life but I could not fix this. He would go to state prison for 6 months.  I screamed, I cried uncontrollably for months. Unable to communicate with him I sank into deep depression.  I stopped eating, stopped sleeping,  stopped taking care of myself and eventually stayed in bed all day and all night. This went on for 4 months.  Finally one night when I was all alone I cried out to God.  I asked him to take it all.  I surrender all, all of me and all of it.  I could not do this anymore.  There was a peace that came over me and I felt a breeze that started at my feet and went to the top of my head and made a swoosh sound.  I fell into a deep sleep.  I had not slept in months. And the next morning my heart was.....different.  Lighter, peaceful, calm.
I believe now that this “wind”, this “swoosh” was the breath of God over my body and life.
As I have grown in my relationship with God and put everything I have in my trust with the Lord, my life has become easier, simpler.  Peaceful.  In times of trials I know that my Lord will calm me while the storms rage.  My loving God is always with me.
And my son?  He gave his heart to Jesus.  He is 42 years old now.  He has a good job, a loving wife and 3 beautiful children.  He is a respected man in our community.  He lives a life he doesn’t have to apologize for. 
Prayer:  Father God, we give you praise and glory for your grace over our lives.  Lord, help us to love like you love us. To show grace like you have shown grace in our lives.  And let us never cease to remember that it is your breath in our lungs. Be in our hearts.  Be with those we love. And be with those that need you. Amen

Debby Weathers