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Weekly Devotion

April 25 2021

Scripture Matthew 27:45-50

“From the sixth hour until the ninth hour darkness came over
all the land……..”


I am here, because he went there, he, my savior and my Lord,
in human form, with the same ability to feel pain as we have,
went there, to the cross, so I could be here!

A man was injured in a fire while attempting, unsuccessfully to
save his elderly parents. His face was burned and disfigured; he
mistakenly interpreted his physical and emotional pain as
punishment from God. He went into a deep depression and
would not let anyone see him, no one, not even his wife ….the
wife is so desperate she goes to see a plastic surgeon who
immediately tells her he can help her husband, but then she
explains, she does not believe her husband will allow the doctor
to help him, so she desires that the doctor disfigure her face
and make her look like him….she believes if she can share in his
pain, he will let her back into his life….never had the plastic
surgeon seen such love. You see the way the woman felt about
her husband is the way God feels about me and you….He
humbled himself and took on the form of a man and died in our

We read in the scriptures that Christ, in his humanness, cried
out because he felt thirst. What irony, that he who had made
gallons of wine for a wedding party, he who had spoken of
LIVING WATER that would quench all thirst forever, now was
dying with a swollen tongue and the sour smell of vinegar on
his beard.

As I reflect on the cross and what Christ did for me at the cross,
I “amen” Max Lucado’s book title, no wonder they call him the
Savior! We know as his followers what He did is the one thing
that matters most of all.

I am here, because He went there!

God of wind and tempest,
God of the still small voice.
Help me to quiet my mind
And let go of busy thoughts.
I yearn for stillness in your presence;
I want to sit at your feet like Mary
And listen deeply to your wisdom.
Help me to let go without worry.

Let my heart be ready to host you.
Gracious God, I come to you as I am,
Ready to become your listening child. Amen