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Weekly Devotion

February 07 2021

Cheryl Denley, Independence UMC and District Office

Read Philippians 4:10
One morning (many moons ago) as I dropped my great nephew
off at preschool, he looked over at our church and the steeple
and he said, “Aunt Cheryl I am so sorry Jesus had to die on the
cross”, as I tried to explain the great love Christ demonstrated
for him when he died on the cross, I was so blessed to have
that moment with Brayden, but also blessed that even at 4 he
knew that Christ experienced true pain to save us from our sins.
Jesus was never more human than when he was suffering, for
you and me, on the cross. When we suffer, we must pay
attention, it may be the time we are our closest to God.
Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better
things! Will Willimon begs us to see how much pain it caused
God to get close to us!
I am not suggesting that we can’t or we shouldn’t ask God to
deliver us from pain. We have biblical permission to do so by
Christ’s example in this Matthew passage and from Paul who
asked God to remove any thorn. But I suggest that the goal of
life is not absence of pain, but rather the presence of God and
the glory of God. When God can work glory without pain, he
does. When he cannot, it is going to hurt, but it is going to be
worth it someday!

PRAYER: Lord, help us as we struggle with all sorts of pain in
our lives, physical, mental, emotional, even at time; imagined!
Help us look to you for the strength we need to get through