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Weekly Devotion

February 01 2021

Mark 4:35-41

"And they were filled with great awe and said to one another, 'who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?' "
    Mark 4:41

One of my favorite getaways is Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I am not really a sea and tan person, or in the water wader,
but  sitting and looking at the water and reading Ann Morrow Lindbergh's "Gift From The Sea", seem to calm and
renew my inner spirit..  

First of all just taking in the vastness and beauty of the ocean reminds me of the majesty of our Creator God.  Then  watching a wave form far out in the water and following its journey to its destination on the beach seem to remind me how life is like that wave-starting small, rising and falling, joining with other waves and spilling over onto the beach in that final wave of foam and spray. Then it gradually returns to the sea and begins the same process all over again.  The events in our lives are so like the wave.

At times the angry waves noisily rise and come crashing into the shore on stormy nights, even changing the sands of the shoreline. But when we awake in the morning the waters are smooth and peaceful, like a sea of glass.

Like the sea, Father God takes us through the ups and downs of life.  In those stormy moments, He rides with us, and when we trust Him, we can know that He will bring us to a point of peace and calm and cleansing/

"Even the wind and waves obey His will. Peace be still."

Prayer:  Dear Lord, Help us to remember  that you are always with in all the ups and downs of our lives. 
Remind us to trust in you as we live out our daily lives and you will give us calm and peace.  Amen.