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Weekly Devotion

January 29 2021

               Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
January-the first month of a new year.  With it comes many beginnings and usually new year resolutions.  With promises to diet, exercise, break bad habits and so forth.
But usually, as the year passes we don’t always stick to these resolutions.  But God knows our human frailties and He will be with us in our attempts to better ourselves. 
We sometimes take on too much, when we need to move forward just ‘one step at a time’ and little by little we should trust the Lord to carry us through. 
Feeling like a failure because we didn’t keep all our resolutions is not what the Lord wants for us.  We should celebrate all the small accomplishments we make in out day to day lives.
Little by little, day by day, we have much to be thankful for-our relationship with the Lord for one and new opportunities that lie before us in this new year.
Everything we do should be done for the purpose of bringing glory to God.  The glory of God is the grand theme of the Bible, the highest purpose of missions, the ruling principle of the Christian life, and the all-encompassing purpose to which all other purposes are subordinate.
So, no matter how many resolutions we may break or keep this year, God is always with us.  Talk to Him continually.
We should delight in doing Gods will and have His word continually in our hearts.
Gods spirit within us gives us the power to do all things through Him.  The power of prayer should be utmost in our Christian walk this year and always.  Lets make that one of our New Year Resolutions we won’t break!
PRAYER:  Dear Lord, we glorify Your name and are thankful for a new year with new opportunities to pleas You in our Christian life.  As You guide us in our daily lives, may we trust and obey You for a Christ-centered year.  Amen.
(Submitted by Nancy Darnell, a member of Independence UMC and Cheryl’s sister!