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Weekly Devotion

October 11 2020

John 10:4
Whenever he has gathered all of his sheep,
he goes before them and they follow him,
because they know his voice.

Sheep get confused. They don't have a strong sense of where they are going,
or least not an accurate one. They may be stubbornly headed in one direction
without really understanding what it takes to get there or why they need to go.
Sometimes they think they are headed for green pastures, not realizing they are
on a dangerous path. They aren't the most astute animals on the planet.

No wonder Jesus compares us to sheep. Jesus doesn't mean it as an insult,
God gave us quite a bit of intelligence, after all-but our sense of direction is
just as unreliable. We depend on our senses to get us where we need to go, yet
our senses will not tell us how much danger lies ahead or whether the
destination will really be as satisfying as we think it is. We don't see the whole
landscape and certainly can't account for every what if that lies before us. But
the Shepherd can. He knows the landscape. Sheep that are independent are
destined for danger, but those who trustingly follow Him are destined for safety
and pleasant pastures. Like sheep, we need a guide.

When Jesus emphasizes that His sheep can hear his voice, Jesus also gives us
this reassuring promise, Jesus goes before us, He is on the path ahead, already
aware of what we will encounter tomorrow, next month, next year, and forever.
We may listen and wonder if his words will really serve us well, but there no
need to live with that kind of uncertainty. The Shepherd knows exactly where
He is taking us and where we'll end up if we don't follow.

As you tune in to the  Shepherd's voice, know that He has gone before you
into this day. He knows the lay of the land. He has good advice for you if you
will listen. HE can spare you from wrong turns and frightening dangers. His
voice will get you where you need to go.

Let us pray, Jesus, what lies before me on this day. What do I need to know
as I go forward? Keep my feet safely on your path. Guide me to fulfill Your will. Amen