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Weekly Devotion

September 30 2020

Jeremiah 31:  12

     I am a gardener.  I love to grow things.  Not flowers, mind you, my wife does that and she's good at it.  NO, it's vegetables for me, I like to grow things to EAT!  Well, at least that is my intention, but sometimes the squirrels get as much to eat as we do.

     There are times when I see God in my garden.  I talk to him, tell him how things are going in my life, tell him how I think things should go, and ask questions.  God smiles , tells me that he will take it under advisement, and get back to me.  He always does get back to me, even though it's not as timely as I would like and even though the answer isn't always what I was expecting. 

     Sometimes I see Satan in my garden, or at least what I term as Satan--bugs, moths, tomato worms, armadillos, squirrels (have I mentioned squirrels?), drought, and weeds.  This is when I want to shake Adam and Eve by the shoulders, tell them how badly they messed up when they had the PERFECT garden!  I'm sure glad it wasn't anything I did to create these weeds, right?

     I try to keep my garden weed-free, but that is only a goal--never a reality.  Weeds are always there, they grow regardless of what we do, and will overtake our garden if I don't continually work on them.

     Sin in our lives is very much like weeds in our gardens. We will never get rid of them completely--but if we don't keep working on them, they will overtake our lives.

     Thankfully we have the Master Gardener--God--with us, at our side , helping us spot those sins and pluck them out.

     "There's one over there, God will point out, pluck that one and give it to me.  I'll take care of it."

     And so it is, with God's help , we must keep working on these weedy sins.

     Thank you, God, for always being there to help us weed out our sins.  Give us strength to keep working on them.  Amen