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Weekly Devotion

September 06 2020

Several years ago
 archeologists opened King Tut’s tomb. Inside his tomb they found some petrified seeds. Some of the seeds were put back in their right environment, and the seeds produced some of the largest ears of corn they had ever seen.
I don’t care how old you are your purpose is still inside of you. It’s there because God put it in you with the purpose of developing within you that special you that He created you to become.
God created all life with the principle of the seed. Seed means: purpose, and the purpose of a seed is in the seed, not the soil. The soil is just the environment that the seed needs to manifest its purpose. To become what it was created to become.
If you take a mango seed and put it on a tile floor, will it manifest its purpose, NO.  However, the purpose of the seed is still inside the seed. You can compare yourself to that seed - you are like that seed , in that  just like that seed, you will never manifest you own true purpose until you are in the right environment.
Think about this. You were created with a purpose by your Creator and as long as you live, you possess that purpose. How you are living doesn’t destroy your purpose, but it can suppress it.  Not following Jesus’ teachings can keep us from making choices that would help us on the path to God’ Kingdom.
When God put Adam in the garden he told Adam, do his work. In Hebrew work means: to become your purpose. Your purpose may be that in some way, you are “great”, but that greatness can be caged within you unable to be realized, by the way you think and the things you believe.
Your greatness never goes away, but your task in life is to get in the environment of believing that you have a purpose, and desiring and seeking your purpose through God’s word. When we believe in Jesus and His teachings as the Word of God then we are promised that the Holy Spirit will be our helper, and our Purpose will begin to show.