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Weekly Devotion

July 06 2020

Devotional for July 5, 2020
Cheryl Denley, District Staff/Secretary

I have learned ‘something’ from each of the 8 District Superintendents I have worked for, and one of the
many things I learned from Andy Ray (other than make a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING!) was long range
planning. So as I am writing this today, even though it is not due for 3 more months, our nation is in the
midst of a horrible pandemic of the Coronavirus. I pray that when you read this, we will be well on the
way to total recovery as a world! It’s also Holy week, and it’s unlike any Holy Week I have ever lived

“I gave my back to those who struck Me, and My cheeks to those who plucked out the beard; I did not
hide My face from shame and spitting.” Isaiah 50:6

I woke up this morning with a strange pain and soreness in the foot I broke at Annual Conference 2019,
but NOT in the same place I broke it! I see a pattern forming, each morning I wake up with a new ache
or a new pain! But as I contemplate this sign of my aging body, I reflect on the PAIN Jesus suffered for
me……He endured the pain, the Bible tells us in Hebrews. It is impossible to truly fathom the pain and
suffering and the shame He went through to offer me eternal life. My Lord did indeed suffer physical
pain as well as emotional and spiritual pain as well.
I vow to try to let every ache and pain, not send my mind racing towards the aging process, but let every
pain be a reminder of God’s love for me. Let me reflect on the cross and how much more Jesus suffered
to set me free. Let me try to understand what Jesus’s death means for me…..
PRAYER: Father God, help me be thankful for aches and pains as they remind me of what you did for me
through your pain and suffering. Let me vow each day to be more grateful to you for my life on this
earth and my life eternal that awaits. In Christ Holy name, amen.