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Weekly Devotion

February 14 2020

“The Foolishness of Preachers”

1 Cor. 1: 18-31

     I preached this passage a few weeks ago, and I think I lived out the phrase found in verse 21: “God was pleased to save those who believe through the foolishness of preaching”—because beforethat worship service ended, I felt mighty foolish.

     What made me feel foolish was the series of events that transpired as we prepared for Holy Communion did that.

     During the offering, I uncovered the elements. Something was floating in the cup. I’m not sure what it was, but it was a small white lump and didn’t look appealing. I tapped the side of the cup, and more stuff floated up. Whatever these floaties were, I didn’t want to dip my bread in there. As the Doxology began, I picked up the cup and headed for the kitchen, praying there was more grape juice.

     As I walked in with my cup full of funky juice, our security monitor, who was in the fellowship hall, asked, “Is there a problem?” I quickly responded, “There’s something gross floating in here. Gotta get some fresh juice.” As I said this, I remembered I was wearing a wireless mike. I also learned that the sound system in the sanctuary picks up congregational laughter very well, because it rang out from the speaker in the kitchen.

     And laugh they did. I felt like a fool. They laughed more when I came back in with the fresh juice.

     As people came to receive Communion, my embarrassment was replaced by a sense of peace. Somehow, in spite of my foolishness, the Holy Spirit was at work. I felt foolish, but God was glorified.

     That wasn’t the first time I felt foolish in church, and it probably won’t be the last. You may remember times when you felt like a fool in church, but God, in God’s infinite wisdom, has chosen us, and our foolishness, to carry the Gospel to the world.

Prayer: Lord, your infinite wisdom is beyond us. You have called us to carry your message of salvation to the world, and yet sometimes we say and do foolish things. Help us to remember, especially when we feel like fools, that you are still at work in spite of our foolishness. Amen