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Preschool Director for Independence UMC

May 31 2022

Preschool Director for Independence United Methodist Church


The Independence United Methodist Church, located in Independence, Mississippi is planning to start a
daycare/preschool for children ages 4 and 5. The church has an excellent facility for that purpose. The
facility has two classrooms with restrooms, a playground, kitchen, and an open indoor space. A
preschool committee appointed by the church has made much progress in developing policies and
making commitments required to have a successful preschool.

Getting the preschool started has been delayed by two primary factors. One is the failure to identify and
employ a suitable individual as the director. That Independence is a rural area with no preschool or
daycare facilities is likely a hindrance to drawing potential applicants for the director’s position. Second,
the church was reluctant to start a preschool during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rather than employing a director, the preschool committee is interested in partnering with an individual
who is interested in directing the preschool once open. The church and the partner would plan the
preschool together. The committee is open to discussing any partnership that provides quality
experiences for children and is financially viable. Some options are: after-school program only, two
fulltime classes and afterschool program as initially planned, or four day preschool. As stated, any
organization will be considered that provides quality and is financially viable.

Initial idea for the partnership are for the church to:
Provide facility (cost to be favorable/reasonable)
Upgrade facility as needed (furniture, door mechanisms …)
Jointly plan program

The partner would:
Lead and be responsible for the program
Have an income based on the success (or lack of success) of the preschool
Jointly plan programs.

We recognize the importance of a devoted and competent director in having a successful preschool and
believe that including a partner in the development of the preschool will foster devotion to its operation
and help insure that the preschool is financially successful for both the partner and the church. We
encourage potential partners to share ideas with us.

To view our facility, discuss your thoughts, or ask questions please contact Greg Freeman at or (662) 292-6018.