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Our Weekly Devotion

January 08 2020

Week of January 5, 2020
Read Matthew 2:1-12

We continue the beautiful story about our Lord and Savior coming into the world as we begin the New Year with the gospel reading for the Sunday of Epiphany. For the past few weeks we have been preparing for Jesus coming as a baby in a manger. We have also been encouraging the people called Methodist to prepare for the return of the King of Kings.

As I read this passage again the Holy Spirit called my attention to verse 3 as never before. “When King Herod heard this, he was frightened, and all Jerusalem with him;”. I get why Herod was frightened, but why all Jerusalem? Could it be that Herod and all Jerusalem were frightened because a new king would mean change?

When the king changed in those days, things changed...I mean really changed...especially if you were one of the “insiders”.

Think about where we are as the people called Methodist today. As we begin 2020 there is much concern and frustration. We have General Conference, Jurisdictional Conference, a change of Bishops, and (Annual Conference X 2) in the next 8 months! Although there may be some ups and downs in the process, the King for those who follow Jesus is not going to change. Jesus is still going to be on the throne. Jesus is still going to rule as He has always ruled. The mission that Jesus has given us is still going to be the same.

We must not get so frightened of the change that we respond as Herod did and do something really stupid. I have decided that I am good with whatever Jesus decides to do with the people called Methodist, including what He does with me. Afterall, Jesus is and will forever be King.

PRAYER: Holy One, help us in the midst of the coming change to view it as your work among us and not chaos or turmoil. You are the One who brought creation out of the chaos and You will do the same again with this part of your church called Methodist. As we continue to serve and work daily, open our eyes and our hearts to the works of grace that You are doing in our midst. Then let our hearts praise You and let us live our lives with a confident assurance in your continued call upon our lives. Amen.