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New Year Thoughts from the DS

January 05 2021

Dear Friends,
Grace and peace to you, your families, and your congregations as we do the final wrap-up of the year 2020, and at the same time begin the New Year of 2021. It has been quite a journey.
First of all, once again thank all of you for the many ways that you have made adjustments and found new ways in reaching out to people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. There has never been a time when the Good News was not needed in our communities and culture. This past year has been a time that brought many people to the point of searching and seeking answers in the midst of all that was happening in our world, our nation, and our local churches.  As a family of faith, all that you have done to offer the gift of hope in the midst of uncertainty, love in midst of division, and joy in the midst of despair has been a mighty blessing and witness for Christ to those inside and to those outside the church. THANK YOU!
Second, we must understand that the work you have begun will continue to be necessary in the year ahead of us. Some of you are already tired with all that has been added to your responsibilities. As you plan for the year before us you should be certain to be in conversation with lay leadership about what the future looks like for the ministry of the congregations. Some things that have been very important to the congregation but have failed to bear fruit recently (or ever) for the Kingdom of God may need to be reconsidered. You may find that your efforts would be more fruitful if directed elsewhere. Please honor God, by taking the needed actions to reconsider those areas of ministry and how much investment is reasonable in time, persons, and resources.
Next, thank you and the laity for your support of the ministry of the conference and the district through your generosity in paying your mission shares. If you have paid 100% of your mission shares for 2020, thank you. If you have not been able to pay 100% for the year 2020 but have made every effort to support the work of the larger United Methodist ministry in Mississippi and around the world, thank you. If you have not really thought about what you could contribute to the broader ministry of the church by analyzing your ability to pay more of your mission shares than you have paid, I invite you to do so now. The deadline for receiving credit for mission shares for the 2020 year is Monday, January 11, 2021 at 4:30 PM. They must be submitted by that time.
I believe we are better when we all work together for the cause of Christ, rather than as separate entities.  So finally let me say this, we are in the district office to serve you. One of the most disappointing parts of 2020, was the inability to be out among our larger church family due to the pandemic. This problem continues for now. But I do pray that I will be able to visit your churches more soon. It always does me good to see all that you are doing and the many ways you are touching hearts with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Praise be to God for you and His call upon your life!