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Do You Know My Father?

September 01 2021

Do you Know My Father?
Philippians 3:10 I want to know Christ--yes, to know the power of His resurrection.....
Read Philippians 3:7-15

People often get offended when you ask them if they know Jesus, They will tell you
SURE, they say they know Jesus! We live in a society that polls show the majority of people say
they know Jesus. There is a BIG difference in knowing about Jesus and having a relationship
with Jesus.
To know Jesus, or anyone else, you must make a conscious effort to learn about that
person. You have to make time and use great effort to learn about that person you wish to
have a relationship with. You must spend time talking and listening with that person. You must
read all you can find to learn about their likes, and dislikes. You must seek ways to learn about
that individual, so you will be able to deepen your relationship with them.
So it is with our Heavenly Father!! You must spend time talking and listening to HIM.
He has inspired letters that are recorded in the Scriptures that tell you how much HE loves you
and wants to have a relationship with you.
Just like any relationship, you get out of it, just about what you are willing to put into it. I can
tell you all about my Daddy, but you will never really know My Daddy until you have walked
with him, talked with him, and spent some quality time with him.

Prayer: Precious Lord, help me to desire you as much as the "Deer pants for the water" in the
Psalm. Help me desire to know you better each day. Thank you so much for giving me so
much when I deserve so little. Amen