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Church Service Suspensions

March 14 2020

Dear Friends,
I have had several pastors call or text concerning the suspension of worship services for this
Sunday. Your concern for your people is very important. I appreciate that concern and your
leadership during this critical season.
As many of you are aware, Governor Tate Reeves has requested that churches not have events
with large gatherings. Large gathering was not defined in his statement. Bishop Swanson has
stated that he is confident in the ability of our pastors and the Lay Leadership of the
congregations to make the right decision based on the present circumstances and the
information we have at this time. I agree with his assessment of our leadership in the Senatobia
District. Each one needs to speak to the Lay Leadership in the congregation(s) from a position
which is based on the facts available and faith, all of which must be based on your local context.
More of our congregations in the Mississippi Conference have decided to suspend services
since Gov. Reeves statement.
We have placed some things on the Senatobia District web site
and the Senatobia District Facebook Page
that may be helpful. We will continue to place information on both sites as it is received from
the conference and other sources. Please keep a watch on both as we move through this crisis.
Also, remember that this may not be a one week event. Please make a plan with your Lay
Leadership regarding how you will make decisions and move forward in the weeks ahead, if
necessary. Jesus had a heart for the vulnerable, and in a way everyone is vulnerable to the
effects of this virus in one fashion or another. The most vulnerable in our congregations should
be cautious.
Regardless of what we may think about the seriousness of this virus we should be in prayer for
those who will contract the virus and for those who are dealing with it on a scientific, political,
and personal level. My prayers are with each of you and I am almost always available on my cell
phone (662-560-3449).
Your servant in Christ,
Rickey Haynes
District Superintendent
Senatobia District