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Charge Conference

September 02 2020

Dear Colleagues,
By now you have received access to the 2020 Charge Conference forms. You earlier received a notice that we would conduct the Charge Conferences in geographical groupings. However, as with so many things in our current environment things have changed.
I would like to thank all of the Elders who have contacted me agreeing to conduct their own Charge Conference this year. This will be very helpful to us in the district office, and hopefully will provide a greater sense of safety for those in the congregation who may remain concerned about the pandemic and yet hold leadership positions that they wish to honor.
The following schedule should be adhered to by all churches so that the district can complete its work properly and on time.
September 11th: Notify Cheryl of the date you intend to hold your official Charge Conference for the 2020 year. Remember the date must be published at least 10 days in advance and published at least two Sundays previous to the date on which it is held. Please include notice of publication with the Charge Conference forms submitted to the District office. If you choose to have a Church Conference rather than a Charge Conference please announce it as such.
5 days prior to your scheduled Charge Conference: All Charge Conference papers should be completed, input into the data base, and signed hard copies of the following  provided to the district office by this date. All business of the Charge Conference should be appropriately approved by the Administrative Council or governing board prior to submission to the district office. The following reports should also be shared at the Charge Conference with the members attending and approved by the Charge Conference.

  • Pastor’s Report
  • Financial Report including a 2020 YTD Projected Budget and Actual Expenditures and a 2021 Budget. (This is more important than ever before based on our current environment.)
  • Reports regarding candidates for ministry in the congregation
  • Lay Servant Reports
  • 2021 Clergy Budget Compensation
November 15th: No charge conference will be scheduled after Sunday, November 15th .

One other note of importance. As your Lay Leadership Committee (Nominating) does their work, please inform those who are nominated that they should be willing to attend any training the district/conference may offer in regard to their leadership position(s). Most if not all training will be done remotely and hopefully will be recorded for future viewing and future reference. Therefore, they should have some knowledge of how to connect to the internet and participate; or have someone in the church who will be willing to assist them. This is where we find ourselves today and the ability to adapt is something the church is going to need to accept.
For those of you who are not Elders and therefore are not able to preside at your Charge Conference according to The Discipline, we will be contacting you soon to give you information regarding how and when your Charge Conference will be held. These will likely be held in late September or in October if scheduling allows. Therefore, please begin your preparation now if you haven’t done so.
If at any time you decide that you want or need me to attend your Charge Conference, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Please do not put off establishing the date for your Charge Conference or completing  your preparations for your 2020 Charge Conference. Thank you for your cooperation in meeting all of the deadlines outlined above. Happy Charge Conference season!
Your servant in Christ,
Rickey L. Haynes
District Superintendent